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Recipes with Waffles You Need to Try! PART 2

The long awaited second part of our waffle recipes that you can try at home! We will have two recipes, one sweet and one savoury, to feature today and these are super easy recipes to help give you inspiration!

Liege and Bruxelles waffles are surprisingly versatile; there are so many delicious combinations that involve the both of them and we're here to give you a little kick start.

Waffle Au Rhum

Inspired by the 'baba au rhum', which is its own cake soaked in rum, the Liege waffle has a very similar texture to the type of cake used in 'baba au rhum'. They are both brioche-cake hybrids and so the recipe for a 'waffle au rhum' was born!

Here's a video of us doing a waffle au rhum recipe!

All you need is rum, water, sugar and our Liege waffles! It's that simple. First, you'll want to create that simple syrup we had made before, with equal parts water and sugar (1 cup of water: 1 cup of sugar/ 1/2 cup of water:1/2 cup of sugar). Let it boil as usual. Once it has cooled down, we'll add 3 tbsps of rum to the syrup, mix it and then pour over the waffles. Let each side soak for five minutes and then shake any excess liquid off so that they don't fall apart.

All done! Add with some whipped cream, custard, whatever toppings you enjoy! It's that simple!

Our second recipe is Bruxelles Waffle Canapes!

This idea is a LOT more simple compared to our previous recipes; all you have to do is use our Bruxelles waffles and pick out your favourite charcuterie and done! Bruxelles waffles, especially the plain one, serve as a more flavourful, softer choice of bread for charcuterie or canapes.

We suggest this lemon-dill cream cheese with a plain Bruxelles waffles, and smoked salmon (as pictured below).

Alternatively, there's also options with ham, cheese, pate, cornichons, tapinade, rilette; whatever you fancy with your charcuterie!

That's all from us this week! See you next time :)

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