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The Sweet Truth Behind Sugar

Sugar is all around us. It's in obvious foods like candy, soft drinks, ice cream, etc. However, savoury foods can also turn into sugar in your body after digestion like white pasta, white rice, and white bread. We know that sugar is not really good for you but the taste is irresistible. So why try to fight it, when you can actually turn sugar into something good for your body?

Liege Waffle with Natural Belgian Pearl Sugar

Natural sugars are healthier than their artificial alternatives. Sugar replacements like aspartame and saccharin do more to your body and ultimately, your body would have been better off with real sugar. They can cause headaches, affect your sleeping patterns and make you addicted to them. Aspartame, saccharin and other replacements can be easily found in granola/ nutrition bars and other sugary drinks so next time you're out grocery shopping, take a look at sugars are being use! In the end, sugar-free diets can be just as harmful, if not more than usual sugar consumption.

Speaking of diets, quite a few people are on gluten-free diets (with the exception of those who are celiac). A majority of gluten-free pastries use excess sugar and salt in order to keep the structural integrity of the pastry or to keep its palatability. Also, ingredients like tapioca and rice flour will secretly have the same impact on your body as a carb-containing foods.

However, sugar in the right proportions can actually be supportive to your body's energy. Popular French Instagram influencer and biochemist, Glucose Goddess (Jessie Inchauspé) discovered that you can actually control sugar spikes if you exercise or output the energy right after consuming sugar. Basically, if you eat Liège waffle and then do the Grouse Grind, your sugar spikes will lessen and you'll find that you had more energy than usual.

It's why our waffles are the perfect fuel for exercise and sports. It's why we've sponsored the Ride to Conquer Cancer for more than 10 years, as well as numerous Granfondos; Whistler, Penticton and more. We also have sponsored rowing events, open swimming competition and cyclocross competitions.

(a little video on sports events we've done before)

Our waffles are also a healthier alternative for children, especially those doing sports! Those mass-produced, fake sugar filled granola bars have too many ingredients that neither you nor your children can pronounce. Patisserie Lebeau's waffles have tangible ingredients, no shortcuts and real sugar, since our sugar comes from Belgium. Under European legislation, GMOs are not permitted which means that our sugar is also non-GMO. So your child, or you can enjoy a sweet snack while you sweat it out.

As a very active city with the province as our background, our Liège waffles are just made for the outdoors. In fact, we even did a video where we took our waffles on a hike with us and boy, was that hike a whole sweeter!

(while we're here, check out our TikTok! We post content regularly - @patisserielebeau)

If Liège waffles aren't quite for you but you still want to try a Belgian waffle while being careful about sugar, then good news! Our Bruxelles waffles has NO sugar, making it the perfect blank canvas for something simple or savoury.

So, there's no need to be scared of sugar. While we shouldn't consume it in large quantities, it's okay to have sugar and we shouldn't feel guilty about it! Enjoy life while it's sweet!

That's all from us, see you next time!


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