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3 Valentine's Day Waffle Ideas You Need to Try!

Whether it's for a significant other, your family, your friends or someone you just want to show your love to, Valentine's Day is all about spreading happiness and expressing appreciation. What better way to do this than by creating something simple and delicious for those you love? Here are 3 Valentine's Day Waffle ideas we created for you! However, the creativity is limitless so if you come up with something else, we would love to see it!

Our Liege Waffles are available in frozen grocery boxes of 4 and in different flavours; original (vanilla), chocolate chip and apple cinnamon. They are available at our store but if we are closed, they are also available at Whole Foods and Choices.

Waffle, Strawberry and Flower Bouquet

As pictured above, using our liege waffles, you can make an edible bouquet! We chose to go fairly simple but the possibilities are endless. You can make chocolate covered strawberries, you can drizzle chocolate on the waffles or you can make heart shaped waffles like in the picture below!

Make sure to refrigerate the waffles if you put chocolate on them, as with the strawberries if you do chocolate covered ones, as the chocolate needs to set and a slightly colder waffle will hold better on a stick! But you can arrange the waffle and strawberries however you want! You can even add other types of fruit or do candy skewers to add to the bouquet.

Waffle Strawberry and Whipped Cream Parfait

Another sweet idea is a Liege waffle, strawberry and whipped cream parfait! Since the Liege waffle has the very similar consistency to a cake, a parfait just makes sense. Once again, you can add your own personal flair by adding chocolate or layering the waffles with custard. You can even do a waffle tiramisu, where instead of using ladyfingers, you can use our liege waffles and drizzle a bit of coffee or amaretto. Of course, it won't compare to an actual tiramisu but an idea is an idea!

Down below, we used regular whipping cream and added a bit of strawberry puree to make pink whipped cream! Layered with strawberries and more, these parfaits are amazingly simple treats or desserts!

Waffles with Heart-Shaped Chocolate Centers

Using a small, heart shaped cookie cutter, you can create little chocolate hearts that go in the middle of our liege waffles! With that same cookie cutter, slowly cut out a hole in the center of the waffle while the chocolate hearts are in the fridge. Then, all you have to do is assemble! Easy to make and they look so cute!

Stay tuned for more recipes and stories!

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