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Brussels Waffles 

Named after the capital city of Belgium, this waffle is a Belgian favourite. Made from a batter, this waffle is light, fluffy and plain, opening consumers to a world of sweet or savoury. The perfect blank canvas for a light snack, lunch, breakfast or dessert; the possibilities are endless!

Plain Brussels Waffle - 3.00

Savoury Brussels Waffle - 5.00

  • Ham & Cheddar Cheese

  • Spinach & Feta

  • Bacon &  Cheddar Cheese

brussels waffle batter into iron
savoury brussels waffle

Brussels Waffle Specialities
(only available in store)

brussels waffle combo
breakfast waffle
brussels waffle combo

Le Simple - Brussels waffle with real whipped cream & housemade custard only - 5.25

Le Canadien - Brussels waffle with butter and maple syrup only - 5.25

Brussels waffle with mixed fresh fruit only- 12

'It's Waffle Time!' - Brussels waffle with mixed fresh fruit, real whipped cream and housemade custard - 15


Belgian Way - Belgian fair waffle style - Brussels waffle with strawberries, blueberries, real whipped cream and housemade custard - 12

Le Fraisier - Brussels waffle Belgian fair style with strawberries, decadent housemade ganache and real whipped cream - 12

Breakfast Waffle - Brussels waffle with ham, 2 eggs and lots of Swiss & Provolone cheese - 10.50

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