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Liège Waffles

Originating from the Belgian city of Liège, this waffle is made from a dough and similar to a brioche. It is famous for its unique pearl sugar sprinkled throughout the waffle. As it bakes, the pearl sugar caramelises and give the waffle a satisfying crunch. It is traditionally eaten as a quick, handheld snack in Belgium. The best part? You can have it hot or cold; both are delicious!

Original Small (75g)........3.50
Special Small (75g).........3.95
Mini Waffles...................3.00
Mini Waffles Pack (6pc)...18.00

chocolate liege waffles
liege waffles

Special waffle flavours:

  • Apple Cinnamon

  • Dark Chocolate Chip

  • Orange Peel

  • Dark Chocolate Orange

  • White Chocolate and Lemon


  • White

  • Dark

  • Milk

  • Matcha

  • Ruby


  • Pecan

  • Pistachio

  • Almond

  • Coconut

mini liege chocolate covered waffles

Liège waffles, as well as all of our waffles, are made fresh every morning but are not constantly being baked as they take significantly more time and prep than other items. Please order a day in advance to guarantee your order!

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