Our story, our mission and our thoughts

We have noticed that the image of Belgian waffles has been lost to some people due tofalse representations. Waffles and pastries in general have been our passion since 1995. We believe in creating, re-creating and inventing different delicious versions of pastries, including our waffle. 

In Belgium, there are two major types of waffles: the Brussels waffle (the waffle most commonly known made from a batter and deliciously fluffy) and the Liege waffle (the waffle less commonly known until now made from a brioche-like dough with a few bits of crunchy pearl sugar). The Brussels waffle was made to be a lighter dessert, most commonly eaten at fairs in Belgium. At Patisserie Lebeau, we make it our life's work to recreate that unique Belgian experience and bring it to Vancouver, by making Belgian favourites such as rice pies and waffles for two decades.

The new strange waffle trend that's occuring in the recent years is also responsible for burying the waffle, both figuratively and literally. The waffle should not be hidden under abnormal amounts of goopy chocolate and crackers and marshmallows and cheap decorations. The waffle should be the main attraction and if there are toppings, they should be simple and should complement the waffle. The real image of the waffle has been lost in many places around the world, especially Vancouver. 

At Patisserie Lebeau, you may have noticed that there is another type of waffle: the filled waffle. One can only find it at our patisserie or in very rare commercially owned patisseries in Belgium. Our version reinvents the filled waffle with a vast amount of unique flavours, such as raspberry white chocolate and blueberry with custard. Patisserie Lebeau is the only patisserie to be doing filled waffles in North America

Being a rather long time company of now 22 years, we have innumerable amount of customers who have been with us since the very beginning in 1995, when we were Cypress Street. We have formed many friendships with customers through these years. We have even seen some customers' children grow from toddlers to university students. We are especially proud to give back to our community. We have been sponsoring the Ride to Conquer Cancer for eight years and many more sports events with our waffles. 

Patisserie Lebeau simply wants to share the love of the pastries Belgians grew up with, and we do this by recreating specialties directly from Belgium, such as waffles and rice pies. Along the way, we've been growing and we've inspired others to do something similar, but over the years that idea has been lost. So, we hope to remind people of what we, Patisserie Lebeau, strive for. We have put our heart and soul into making sure every product we put out is made with the same love and consistency from the beginning, 22 years ago. 

Written by Agnes Lebeau, daughter of Olivier and Penny Lebeau