Our Liège waffles are all natural and made with butter.

They are an innovative and diverse pastry you can add to your menu. Practical facts: no added labor cost, fully baked. Heating them up is an option as you can serve them at room temperature, or let the customer warm it up. All these benefits at a lower cost than purchasing frozen raw pastries.

Our unique product is of the highest quality and designed for hotels, resorts, catering, restaurants, and institutions. The waffles are ready in 1 to 2 hours, allowing take out on demand and therefore, limiting waste. No need for daily deliveries, no extra labour to finish, no baking. No maple syrup needed. No artificial flavors.

Waffles are bulk packed in a small size box, just fit into a reach-in freezer. For all wholesale inquiries, please contact Olivier at 604-789-3528 or info@grababetterwaffle.com.

Ease of use and limited food waste.

Fully baked and frozen allows you to take out on demand, easy “mise en place” by thawing the boxes in the cooler, take what is needed and leave the boxes in the cooler for up to a few days. Always close the special liner to prevent freezer burn.

Breakfast items: (instead of conventional pastries: muffins, scones, Danish, etc.): take out, thaw & sell.

Breakfast à la carte: serve warm with fresh fruits, berries, coulis, yogurt, whipped cream, and fresh custard.

Dessert: served warm with ice cream, toasted nuts, warm chocolate ganache – the buttery, and richness taste satisfied all palates.

Buffet: use the waffles as a new breakfast buffet item, great for corporate catering.